Your child is precious to you and precious to God.

At baptism you promise to raise your child to know God loves them, and to help them to follow Jesus as a member of the Church.

Baptism can happen at any age. Once someone has been baptised we consider them a full member of the Church. Baptism is a gift from God and we welcome anyone to baptism. You don’t need to be a member of the Church to have a baby baptised or christened. What matters is that those concerned are committed to bringing up a child as a Christian.

Baptism involves:

Declaring your belief in God

Making promises

A new beginning

Sharing in the death and resurrection of Jesus in a symbolic way

Joining the church family, local and worldwide.

If you are not sure about making such a commitment you might prefer to have a Thanksgiving Service first and then consider baptism when you have had time to talk through what is being asked of you. In a Thanksgiving Service, you thank God for the gift of your child and the child is blessed. You do not make the same promises as in the Baptism service.

We are happy to meet you to discuss more fully what is involved and what it means.