New to St Paul & St John’s?

If you’ve not been to St Paul and St John’s before – don’t worry; it’s easier than you think.

Directions can be found on the ‘find us’ page of this website.

When you arrive someone will welcome you and give you a hymn book, liturgy book and pew sheet which contains all the information you need for the service. You can sit anywhere in the main body of the church.

Just before the service begins the minister will make a few announcements from the front of the church before joining the choir at the back for the procession.

Most people stand to sing and we kneel or sit for the prayers. The liturgy is contained in the blue liturgy book and should be easy to follow but if you do get lost don’t be afraid to ask someone near you to tell you where we are – they will be pleased to help.

Everyone is welcome to receive communion but if you don’t feel you want to receive the bread and wine, you are welcome to come to the altar along with everyone else for a blessing.

Tea and coffee are served in the hall after the Sunday morning service. You don’t have to stay but we hope you will take the opportunity to come and meet people.